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Here is one feed to rule them all
We generate a highly customised, curated, feed that combines posts from all your favourite social networks which are sorted by artificial intelligence. We have started with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with support for more networks coming soon.
Beauty is not just skin deep
We have made an interface that is fast, fluid and good looking, but one that is also as smart as it looks. By employing artificial intelligence and semantic tagging to sort through your media, you will only see posts that actually interest you.

Screenshot courtesy of Codeanywhere, our favorite text editor
Security and privacy are here to stay
All the data we collect in order to organise your feed is securely encrypted using industry leading 2048 bit encrytion along with a custom algorithm. Your private data stored on our servers are never given away to any other website or service.
The weather always looks good
With over 15,000 users, we're pretty sure that Vane is the right one for you. With beautiful images from amazing student photographers and a beautiful, clean layout, you will see your weather in a way that you have never seen before.

And who are we you ask?
We are a couple of tech crazy, design loving programmers and designers who are out to change the world, atleast in a small way.

Ronnel Davis   CEO and Senior Developer
Amit Joseph     Senior Designer
Dominic Jose   Lead Developer
Rohit Reji         CFO and Marketing